A well maintained lawn increases the value of your home’s curb appeal and offers you an open-air area that you can enjoy with your loved ones. A lot of homeowners today do not maintain their lawns due to their busy schedule. But for those who maintain their home environment there is the zero turn lawn mower that can help you get this done more easily.

The Zero turn lawn mower is a basic lawn mower with a zero turning radius, have various products and models attained this in diverse ways. There are models for commercial duties and home owners with different engine power options, size of cutting decks, fuel type and worth.

The zero turn lawn mower is a fantastic lawn maintenance device for commercial and personal uses, the zero turn lawn mower looks like a small bumper car you could drive as you work. The engine is positioned at the rear and many homeowners now choose this model over regular types.

Current models of zero turn lawn mowers have four wheels: two small revolving tires at the front and two huge drive tires at the rear.

The steering control of zero turn lawn mowers is different. Rather than a steering wheel most zero turn lawn mowers have two throttles that control the revolving speed, the throttles are normally moved by a seated driver.

Benefits of using zero turn lawn mowers

When you spend time taking care of your lawn you have more area to have a good time with your family and friends, and you will also find out it helps in giving your property a facelift. To do this it is important you use the proper kind of machine.

I guess most of us are aware zero turn lawn mowers are the fastest on the planet, but what really are the benefits of zero turn lawn mowers above regular lawn mowers.

§  Increased Efficiency

Different characteristics of the zero turn lawn a mower adds to its efficiency when in use. The extensive mowing deck is could be handy if you have a large lawn, increases work pace and you get the work done for a shorter time.

A large number of models have a horsepower varying between 5 and 30 with great cutting speed; this ability makes the machine capable of mowing large areas in a short time.

§  Better Usefulness

Most models of the zero turn lawn mowers are manufactured with equipment that lets you cover your lawn while mowing it.

With optional add-ons like sprayers, seed spreaders and snow plows, the cut grass is uniformly spread over the lawn as fertilizer. There is also a possibility of obtaining more fixtures from the manufacturer that adds to the effectiveness of the machine.

§  Additional Features

The added features of the zero turn lawn mowers makes it more comfortable as you mow your lawn, some models of the zero turn lawn mowers comes with a canopy, this helps prevent the adverse effects of exposure to the sun like sunburn during hot weather.

Likewise some models come with a feature that allows you tug a utility trailer along. These important items on board the zero turn lawn mower reduce downtime and enhance productivity.

§  Reduced Stress

The zero turn lawn mower lets you drive the as mow, this reduces stress when compared to the regular walk behind mowers.

There is a low chance of muscle strain and tiredness as you are not as exerted in relation to the walk behind mowers. This allows you cover more area and makes your work faster.

§  Takes lesser time

The zero turn lawn mower reduces the time it takes you to mow but this depends on factors such as the size of the lawn and the skill of the operator. The zero turn lawn mower slashes your mowing time by half, as soon as you grasp the control you will be navigating through trees, islands and houses in no time.

Mowing a lawn requires time, however with the zero turn lawn mower you can drive the mower reducing time spent and with better efficiency.

§  Better controllability

The zero turn lawn mower has two controls on both sides of the mower that eases control of the machine. The back wheels can turn in any direction you want, you can turn a 180 degrees and a 360 degrees with no problems.

The individual motors at each of the wheels give the operator full controllability. The individual wheel control implies that by simply pulling the control handles you can move left, right, forward and backward in any direction.

The enhanced navigation control of the zero turn lawn mowers comes in handy in cramped spaces.

§  Reduced weed eating and trimming

The increased controllability of the zero turn lawn mower makes it possible for you to get the blades to the end of your lawn.

This translates to time saved on using a weed eater to get the spots your regular lawn mower might have skipped.

§  Reduced wear and tear

The reduced time it takes to mow with the zero turn lawn mower translates to less wear and tear on the mower.

§  Comes at moderate prices

Zero turn lawn mowers models have relative prices with regular lawn mower models.

§  Reduced Fuel Costs

It takes lesser time to mow your lawn with the zero turn lawn mower, this equates to using lesser fuel.

§  Neater cuts

The zero turn lawn mower with its higher blade speed than the regular lawn mowers, it delivers neater cuts under any condition. This is very important for commercial landscapers and homeowners as well.