String trimmers are tools that use a flexible monofilament line instead of a blade for cutting grass and other surrounding objects. It is made up of a cutting tip and a long shaft with a handle. String trimmers are a wonderful gift in the world of mowing lawns and trimming hedges; tasks are not as tedious as they were before.

Some of you may be asking, are string trimmers handy tools or tree killers? Well, that depends, what is your purpose for buying the string trimmer? Some string trimmers are powerful enough to cut trees and break small rocks, but it needs to be in the job description so as to not affect the eco-equilibrium.

Once you get the basics of weed eaters, then you can decide for yourself if they are handy or not. String trimmers can be curved or straight, electrical or petrol and two strokes or 4 strokes. The difference between the 2 and four strokes is that the stroke is the cycle and the two-stroke makes two cycles while four strokes make four cycles as it cuts.


We live in the age, unlike the ones our ancestors lived. This could be the reason there is so much pollution in the air. In the olden days before civilization, there wasn’t much need for machines that trim hedges; that was the work of animals and people. But with the Industrial Revolution, everything changed, people worked less and less until they were almost replaced by machines.

Well, I reckon that machines have done so much to the environment but haven’t they brought joy and order into our lives? Haven’t our lawns looked neater? Haven’t we been commended for the wonderful way we creatively cut a cut a goose-like or even a cardinal number pattern on the edges? Haven’t we pruned that tree that would have rendered us homeless if one its branches were to fall on the house?

I think we can look at the glass half full or half empty but still end up with the same conclusion. String trimmers have been a blessing in our modern society because we can’t get a cow to trim the edges; we cannot risk a teenager looking to earn a few bucks getting injured by the debris deposited by the string trimmers. Our lawns look more presentable in the suburbs since string trimmers have enabled us to give them a new lease on life. Just be careful to avoid petrol fueled string trimmers since they can contribute (however small) to the depletion of the ozone layer.

What then should you use? Curved electrical string trimmers would do unless you need heavy duty work and then straight petrol fueled string trimmers would be perfect for the job.

Falling back to the question, I believe it’s an individually answered question since eco enthusiasts would insist that string trimmers are hazardous but those who have used them know that they are handy tools.